We don't get to excited about much when it comes to new models of metal detectors.  Most of the time it seems the new model is nothing more then a few modifications to the way they look and maybe a few to the processor but never anything to amazing.  That's until now!

We've been metal detecting for over 10 years.  We've hunted with a lot of different detectors.  All models of Garrett - AT Pro, AT Gold, GTI 2500 and 2000, Infinium and the ATX (it was a game changer in our opinion).  We've hunted with Fisher, Tesoro, Teknetics, and Makro.   And of course Minelab.  E-Trac, CTX 3030, Safari, GPX 5000, 4500, 4000, Explorer, SE Pro, etc.   

But, in our opinion nothing has the ability of the XP DEUS.  We've never hunted with a metal detector that ignores iron as well as the XP DEUS.  We're not going into all the technical jargon (if you want that go to YouTube) we're just giving it to you in simple English.  Running the XP DEUS in Basic 2 Mode virtually eliminates most detectorists biggest problem, steel bottle caps.  You swing over a steel bottle cap it doesn't make a sound.  Nothing.  How much digging does that save you?  It does pick up the screw on metal bottle caps made out of other metals but not the old style steel bottle caps. Less wear and tear on your back and knees.

It virtually sees right through iron.  We dug a 1966 Quarter the other day that was directly under a piece of round rusty iron probably the size of half a ping pong ball and the DEUS was giving us a solid 94 digital readout.  We didn't even know there was a piece of iron in the hole until we dug it up.  This has happened to us several times with other coins.  One hole we had a solid reading of 89 (usually a copper penny) and by the time we found the copper penny in the bottom of the hole we also had dug out a pull tab, two pieces of iron and a rusty nail.

UPDATE - May 22, 2017

We'll I finally have time to write a review on the New V4 Software and the XP Deus 9" High Frequency Searchcoil.  In my opinion the New V4 Software with the Hot Program and Deep Program is everything one could hope for.  Anytime you get tools that allow you to increase your find rate is a good thing.  The New XY screen is just that.  It helps you identify what's in the ground before you dig.  If you learn to use the shapes on the XY screen it will help you dig less trash.  Of course, it's not perfect, it does get fooled once in awhile but I'll take it any day.  

The New 9" High Frequency Searchcoil is making the ground come alive.  In the last few weeks I have found some of the best treasures I've found in 10 years of metal detecting.  (See the token on our homepage.)  We've been running the new coil on 28 kHz and we've been more than pleased at the results.  We're finding coins and tokens on edge that other detectors are passing right over.  Learn to run this coil correctly and I'll guarantee you your finds rate is going to increase.  A friend of ours just found an old Idaho Trading Token at 5 inches while running in 50 kHz.  It was on it's edge.  The field had been hunted many times before and no other detector had found it.

As we've stated before swinging the XP Deus is a delight.  It's so lightweight I can detect for hours on end and my arm never gets tired.  It's extremely portable folding up to an easy to transport size.  I realize my reviews aren't technical in nature.  If you want all the technical information you'll have to go elsewhere.  I just give you my honest opinion.  Short and Sweet!

I believe the XP Deus is still the best detector being sold today.  Especially if you buy the 9" High Frequency Coil.

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Treasures found with the XP Deus V4 using the Hot Program or Deep Program.  Also was using the

New 9" High Frequency Searchcoil running at 28 kHz or 50 kHz.  Seeing is believing folks!

XP DEUS Review